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Are you trying to sell your home by yourself and would like the interest of your Quad City Realtors?  Realtors have a long list of buyers looking for homes but Realtors do no work for free!  Have you ever heard the term Realtor Friendly?  This means that even though you are selling your home for sale by owner you are still willing to pay a Realtor a commission if they bring you a buyer.  They must know that you are willing to pay them if they bring you a buyer.  They also must know your home is for sale.  I am providing a way to do both!!!!!  Simply go to or click here to go directly to list your home for sale.  When listing the home for sale you will be prompted to identify the sale as Realtor Friendly and at what percentage.  Listing a home for sale with a Realtor typically requires 7% commission to be paid.  Selling your home on your own I typically would suggest offering 2.5% to 3.5% commission if a realtor brings you a buyer.   Remember this is what they do for a living.  The more you pay the more buyers they potentially will bring.  Once you have your home listed on you also will be able to share it to your Facebook page or groups bringing even more potential buyers.  Potential buyers also know where exactly to find your listing on (An actual website) as opposed to trying to search back through a  Facebook for sale by owner page if they saw it there weeks ago.  We will be increasing marketing on in the near future which will draw more and more buyers & sellers to the site.  Currently no fees to list your home for sale on

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