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Ant Control—Don't let ants get too far. Before you have a severe ant infestation that is more difficult to control, please call us for a swift and effective ant control intervention.

Bed Bugs—Bed bug control is our top specialty. Our range of bed bug treatment options and our extensive experience in the field make us the top recommendation in Davenport whenever people need to get these bugs exterminated.

Beetles—Whether it is the carpet beetle, the cigarette beetle, or any other kind of beetle, our policy is simple: we leave no beetles alive to tell the story of how they go into your place.

Box Elder Bugs—They swarm box elder trees and will be a nuisance if their colonies are allowed to thrive at your place. We never let them get that far, but we need you to call us first so that we can handle them.

Carpenter Ants and Carpenter Bees—Carpenter bugs in general reach the end of the line whenever they come across any of our Davenport exterminators.

Cockroaches—Ugly, resilient, and disgusting, they're a nightmare for homes and businesses. Our roach exterminator services, on the other hand, are sure to restore your peace of mind because we make any cockroach disappear from your place.

Earwigs—These pests are also extremely unpleasant to see and live with. They look intimidating, and they'll breed and expand around your place faster than you can react to them. The good news is that we're faster than they are when we're called to make them disappear.

Fleas—A common problem that finds an extraordinarily effective solution when we step in to help you see them go.
Ladybugs—We're in the business of making ladybugs disappear. For good.

Rodent Control—Rats and mice are the world's most common pests. Many homes and businesses will at some point deal with them and struggle to make them go away. If you get our professional help, there will be no struggle whatsoever: we'll just kill them for you and the problem will be solved.

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* Bed Bugs
* Beetles
* Box Elder Bugs
* Carpenter Ants & Bees
* Cockroaches
* Earwigs
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* Ladybugs
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